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Behind the Label: Hi. My name’s Rachel (Rai). I hear voices, see visions and have a whole host of unusual experiences that have, at times, overwhelmed me. Although I’m diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder and dissociative disorder, I no longer believe that seeing myself as ‘ill’ is useful or relevant. Human experience is way more interesting than the labels we attach to it. This site is a collection of my thoughts, ideas and experiences. I hope you enjoy it x


The Critical Psychiatry Website: The ‘Bradford Group’ of psychiatrists first met in Bradford in January 1999 The group provides a network to develop a critique of the contemporary psychiatric system; includes work by Joanna Moncrieff, Phil Thomas, Rhodin Huws, Duncan Double and others


The contributors to the Coming off Psychiatric Medication web-site include mental health professionals and people who have used mental health services and their relatives. The contributers include Rufus May, who works as a Clinical Psychologist and Adam Jhungroo who works as a a Psychiatric Nurse. Professor Phil Thomas of University of Central Lancashire and formerly worked as a consultant psychiatrist, is among the advisors to the web-site.  The web-site is recommended by the Department of Health publication: Managing Medicine: Everybody’s Business .


The site of a network of people in the real world who are interested in critical and community psychology

We are a group of people in the East Midlands, UK,  who have an interest in Critical and Community Psychology.  Some, but not all, of us are Clinical Psychologists working in the NHS.  We have been meeting on and off since 2006, and started regular, regional meetings in 2010.  We meet bi-monthly in Nottingham, Leicester and Northampton.  At these meetings, we talk about projects we are involved with which have a Community or Critical Psychology flavour and we are able to get support from the group.  This is particularly helpful at times when we might find other environments hostile or indifferent to Critical and Community Psychology.  We are often invited to teach Clinical Psychology Trainees, so at these times, we may work together on the teaching packages.  We have also recently been experimenting with writing as a collective… hence the need for a website!

 East Midlands Critical and Community Psychology Network


We The Hearing Voices Network offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them.

The aims of the network are:

To raise awareness of voice hearing, visions, tactile sensations and other sensory experiencesTo give men women and children who have these experiences an opportunity to talk freely about this togetherTo support anyone with these experiences seeking to understand, learn and grow from them in their own way


Intervoice – Working across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices. If you hear voices, know someone who does or want to find out more about this experience – then this site is for you

The James Naylor Foundation: Welcome to the charity which takes it for granted that all mental pain arises from obsolete childhood trauma which everyone else knows are now over –  once the sufferer sees this, they go.

 born out of the publicity surrounding Bob Johnson’s work with those suffering the most extreme forms of Personality Disorder; the violently dangerous men in a special unit in Parkhurst Prison. His work with this group of people was widely reported in the papers and on Television, and gave hope that understanding and treatment was possible.


Network For Change is a Leicester local voluntary sector organisation providing Supported Housing, Community Outreach and Resource Centre activities designed to meet the needs of adults whose mental health problems have impacted significantly on their quality of life. Our values and working practice focus on Recovery and person-centred approaches to enable wellbeing and potential.


No More Psychiatric Labels
campaign to abolish diagnostic systems like DSM

further information from Sami Tamini article here:


Rufus May: I’ve set up this website in order to help inform people who may have seen the film The Doctor Who Hears Voices. The web-site will connect you with past articles, interviews and other media I have taken part in: Plus books, magazines, training events and organisations that promote positive approaches to emotional health and recovery. I am interested in helping to create more peaceful and helpful approaches to mental health problems.


Psychology in the Real World describes groups courses and projects that psychologist Guy Holmes has been involved in over the past decade to reduce and combat stigma, to help people understand and to some extent escape toxic mental environments and to bring about service user involvement that provides real benefits to people in terms of the learning of new skills


Soteria: We are a network of people in the UK promoting the development of drug-free and minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing ‘psychosis’ or extreme states. We are part of an international movement of service users, survivors, activists, carers and professionals fighting for more humane, non-coercive mental health services.

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